Tascam MX2424 R-1001

$1,300.00 each Weight: 32 lb
Width: 19 in
Length: 17.5 in
Height: 7 in
Brand: TascamTascam

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This item is (lightly) used, we are the original owners

Comes with connection cables and other peripherals,  includes 2 MY cards for Yamaha i/o slots,  Tascam Analog I/O card installed ,  and Tascam Firmware card, sold as is .

The MX-2424 is a professional 24 track, 24 bit hard disk recorder. The MX-2424 delivers the convenience, power and reliability of a dedicated multitrack, yet still offers the sophistication of a DAW.

Interfacing the MX-2424 in a studio is easy, with option cards available for all the common audio formats. The MX-2424 provides separate slots for the analog I/O cage and the digital I/O slots, offering the ability to interface with digital and analog sources simultaneously.

The MX-2424 offers thorough time code and control options, including SMPTE and MTC chase and generate, plus Word Clock and Video Sync resolve. For controlling the MX-2424, you can use the optional RC-2424 remote, or use MMC, 9-pin control, or even an Alesis LRC remote.


The MX-2424's extensive recording capabilities and time code capabilities have earned it a place in major motion picture and television production environments. It's affordable price helped the MX-2424 find it's way into numerous personal and project studios. With TASCAM's DA-88 legacy and MMR film dubbers, you've come to expect that.

However, the MX-2424's rock-solid reliability and friendly interface have opened the doors to markets where DAWs normally don't go - live sound. The MX-2424's multitrack playback functionality is commonly used for multi-zone music feeds, music mixes with double tracked vocals, surround sound effects, and more.


Helpful Live Sound/Install Functions:

  • Theater Mode (Pauses at Locate Points)
  • Power-Up Play (Plays Song When Powered On)

DAW-like Features:

  • Built-In 9GB Drive (Offers 45 Minutes of Record Time)
  • Front Panel Drive Bay and Rear Panel SCSI Port
  • Standard Mac/PC Drive Formats (Fat32, HFS & HFS+)
  • Standard Audio File Formats (SDII & Broadcast WAV)
  • MX-View GUI (MacOS 9.1 & 9.2, Win 98SE/ME/2000/XP)
  • 100Mbit Ethernet (Used for GUI & Audio Transfers)

Modular Multitrack-like Features:

  • Front Panel LED Matrix (Displays Key Project Settings)
  • 24 Tracks at 44.1kHz or 48kHz, 16 or 24 bit
  • 12 Tracks at 88.2kHz or 96kHz, 16 or 24 bit
  • 2 Channel AES/EBU and SPDIF Coax Digital I/O


  • 32 Machine Sample Accurate Lock (via TL-BUS)
  • Sony P2 9-pin Control (RS-422 on Remote Port)
  • MMC Control Formats
  • Generate & Chase Time Code (SMPTE & MTC)
  • Word Sync (In/Out/Thru)
  • Video Sync (In/Thru)