JBL 2242H (18") S-1035

$975.00 each Weight: 45 lb
Width: 20 in
Length: 20 in
Height: 18 in

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 Professional Series Key Features:

  • 800 watt continuous pink noise power

  • 100 mm (4”) edgewound aluminum ribbon voice coil

  • 25 Hz to 1.6 kHz response

  • 99 dB sensitivity, 1 W at 1 m

  • New magnet structure with patented

  • Super Vented Gap TM (SVG) cooling

  • Extremely high output capability with low distortion

The JBL 2242H low frequency trans-ducer incorporates JBL's ongoining developments in improved thermal dissipation and linearity at both high and low cone excursions. To increase power handling while minimizing power compression, JBL's engineers have developed a patented voice-coil-to-air heat dissipation method known as Vented Gap Cooling TM . This process pumps air through the magnetic gap and directly over and around the voice coil to provide immediate heat transfer and reduction of operating temperature - a direct improvement in power compression.

The 2242H is built around a completely new motor structure with a pole piece extending both above and below the top plate to improve gap flux symmetry and increase thermal conductivity from the voice coil to the pole piece. In addition to the benefits of JBL's Symmetrical Field Geometry TM, the 2242H also incorporates a copper shorting ring that is imbedded in the pole piece at the precise center of the gap and is in close proximity to the voice coil. The copper ring acts like a shorted secondary turn in a transformer, with the voice coil acting as the primary winding. The benefits of this are a reduction in third harmonic distortion and a reduction of the voice coil's inductance, which improves the transducer's transient response.