Crown MA 5002vz Amplifier Bundle amp_buldle_1

$18,500.00 each Brand: CrownCrown

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Crown International Macro-Tech (9 amps total)

This package is for (3) MA5000vz (6) MA5002vz amplifiers

The Macro-Tech 5000VZ is the most advanced amplifier to offer Crown's patented Variable Impedance (VZ) Power Supply technology. New semiconductor technology is combined with superior VZ power supplies toenable the Macro-Tech 5000VZ to pack unprecedented power levels into 5 inches (13.3 cm) of verticalrack space. And because it is a Macro-Tech, you have the benefit of ODEP protection to keep the show going long after other amplifiers have failed, even under the most severe conditions.

All are used in good working condition, tested and gone over.

Not sold outside this bundle - CALL for total price including shipping.



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