You will be presented a copy of this policy when you request service

Service and Repair Conditions Acknowledgement

By signing, the Customer acknowledges and accepts Philadelphia Sound Productions, Inc. (PSP) terms of service and repair. Signature and authorization are required prior to any service. Repairs submitted under warranty also require signature and authorization to be serviced. The customer also agrees to not hold PSP liable for any and all damage done to their equipment during the normal course of trouble shooting and inspection of speaker cones and voice coils. Speaker cones and diaphragms may need to be removed for inspection. This is done to determine *warranty status* only after the voice coil is deemed inoperable. If Customer does not move forward with repair Units will be returned as is post inspection, with a $20.00 diagnostics fee.
(This fee is waived if you agree to having repair completed)

*Warranty is defined as: PSP uses official factory guidelines and industry standards for determining the status of warranty or not for all products. Warranty is defined as a manufacturing defect only caused at time of manufacture. The status of warranty is determined at time of service by our staff, after inspection of parts. In addition
Owner must show proof of purchase, a receipt with the date, for a valid warranty claim.

Service Policy

Labor and Parts, not covered under the warranty will have repair charges assessed; Actual charges are to be determined by PSP and will require customer approval before conducting repair or service work. A minimum diagnostic fee of $20.00 will be charged for equipment found with no problem or problems not covered under the warranty, this fee is waived when the customer agrees to having the work done. Customer also agrees to all associated shipping costs either to the factory or return shipped to the customer for any non-warranty work, Philadelphia Sound promises to have your repair done in as timely a manner as possible. Parts availability from various manufacture can delay repairs and PSP has no control over our suppliers.

Repairs over $200 dollars may require a 50% deposit to order parts (or an authorized corporate PO)

Completed Repairs Policy

Upon completion of the service or repair work done PSP will notify the customer of the charges and arrange for them to pick up their equipment Repaired items or items deemed not repairable must be picked up within 30 calendar days from that time After 30 calendar days a storage fee of $5.00 per week will be assessed and added to the repair bill.
The customer is allotted an additional 15 days (if storage is paid) to pick up their property
after which time it will be considered "abandoned" and become property of PSP and sold for cost of repair

I have read and understand the Service Conditions and Acknowledgement policy

Signed ______________________________________________________________