Peavey Cakewalk/StudioMix AM100-001

$100.00 each Weight: 10 lb
Width: 10.625 in
Length: 3.25 in
Height: 18.5 in
Brand: PeaveyPeavey

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The power and flexibility of multitrack audio and MIDi software. The control and precision of professional mixing hardware. 
  • The convenience of one integrated system. 
  • Eight CD-quality audio tracks.
  • Up to 256 virtual digital audio tracks.
  • Up to 250 MIDI tracks.
  • Up to four 32-bit real-time effects.
Nine motorised faders, a selection of switches, rotary controls, and a jog wheel. The  same case also houses some audio support circuitry - on the input side there is a mic preamp with  balanced XLR socket, and there are outputs to connect a stereo tape machine, monitor amp and  headphones. Essentially the StudioMix supplies all the missing bits for audio recording using a PC  soundcard - hardware faders and knobs to twiddle, and a quiet mic input to replace the notoriously  noisy ones provided on many soundcards. Along with a selection of audio and MIDI leads  Works with Cakewalk Sonar 8 all the way up to the most recent X3 version.  Nine DAW Mixer Modules. Each module has:  - A 60mm Motorized Fader  - An Assignable Button  - 2 Rotary Encoders  Audio Mixer Controls:  - Mic In  - Line In  - Mix Out  - Monitor  - Tape Monitor  Transport controls  Jog/shuffle wheel


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