Midas XL250 Tour Pack XL250

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midas XL 250

In Road Tourig Case ~ 2 Power Supplies 

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Direct Outputs

Every input module is fitted with a direct output as standard with its own level control and front panel switch which selects the source from pre fader or pre insert and equaliser. This provides a valuable output feed to effects, broadcast or recording.

Input Metering

The peak reading input meters monitor pre fader signals and cover a 40dB range from +15dBu downwards in ten 3dB steps with a signal present indicator at -25dBu.

The Inserts

Each channel has a half normalised fully balanced insert send and return point which an be switched in or out and set as either pre or post equaliser from the front panel.

The Inputs

The XL250 features a new mic amplifier which improves on the XL3 design giving better CMR, noise and distortion performance whilst retaining the XL3's constant HF bandwidth topology which assures excellent amplifier stability and RF rejection at all gains. All inputs, mic, line, insert etc. are fully balanced and are both differential and common mode impedance matched.

Compact and Ergonomic

Great care has been taken to get the feel of the console correct. The result is a imple, fast and responsive control surface which is compact and yet gives effortless control over the 48 inputs and 20 outputs.

The Sound

The XL250 has the Midas Sound. Transparent, open and dynamic. Switch changes are silent, the noise floor is way down and the headroom is high due to the consistent internal gain structure.

Multi Functional Application

The XL250 is an extremely flexible and truly multi-functional console. It can be re-configured in seconds for applications such as in ear monitoring, wedge monitoring, combinations of both, front of house use and many more. All this is achieved with no compromise to the control functions or layout through use of configurable busses and the controls that feed them. If you need a stereo buss, switch the stereo button between two groups and they are now working in stereo with all inputs routed via level and pan controls. If you want mono busses switch the stereo button off and the two groups are independent and fed from separate level controls on the input channels.


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